Saturday, December 02, 2006

han's shenanigans...

I have this seemingly innate tendency to break things. Some might call it absentmindedness, some, clumsyness, some carelessness, but I prefer to refer to my behaviour as my 'han-nerisms'. No matter how hard I try to be careful I still break things.

Here is a run down of the recent han-nerisms that have hit this household recently.

*** the demise of the coffee table: actually, I have to confess that this has not been such a 'recent' han-nerism. It happened one lovely summer day back in May. I had painted a canvas, and, having learnt from past misdemeanors, I hung it up on the wall to dry to avoid treading on it. Once it had dried, and i was replacing the mirror back on the wall where I had hung my canvas, I managed to knock the candlestand from the mantelpiece onto the unsuspecting glass coffee table below, smashing the large glass panel. So, in my attempt to avoid an accident, I had created another one!!

*** the telephone injury: Having been working hard last week, I was having a much deserved hyper, energy releasing moment, and did a first, and last, handstand in the hallway. As I was coming back down to earth, my right foot came smashng down on the intercom phone, causing a wee bit of damage. ie, nothing could be heard through the receiver and the receiver button had fallen inside the phone. I thought I had done a good job of fixing it - you could even hear people talking to you from outside, but my excitement ws soon deflated, when the buzzer went, and the phone promptly fell off the wall. This became a frequent event - whenever the buzzer went, the phone fell off.

*** umbrella breakdown: Last night, I went out for the ECS christmas dinner (for those not down with the lingo, that's short for Early Childhood Studies), and there was a whole lot of rain happening, so my kind housemate lent me her 'automatic' umbrella. 'Automatic, as opposed to manual?!!' (thinking along the lines of cars...) I asked. Apparently so. This posh umbrella, at the mere click of a button, shoots out and unfurls itself. With another click, it retracts itself - pretty impressive, I must say. Well, on the walk home, I tried to close the umbrella using its self-retracting mechanism, but it didn't work. So now we have an open umbrella sitting happily in our lounge.

I think that's about it for my recent major hanerisms, although managing to change the combination on a combination lock without meaning to, resulting in two bikes being locked in the garage, might be classified as han-erism, but we've yet to establish whether or not I was responsible for this.

Other strange happenings in our house have included returning home to find that some animal had done its business on our bathroom floor, leaving no trace of its identity, other than its poo. Nice.

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