Tuesday, February 13, 2007

puppets and poo...

One of the things I love about spending lots of time with kids is that you get to do a whole lot of cool stuff. Like playing with the uber-cool puppets you see to your left. On Saturday I had the pleasure of looking after Ros' brood so she and her husband could go on a leadership training day. Ros has these brilliant puppets, which her son Toby is an absolute legend at. If you think for one minute that puppets are not cool, then you need to think again. The only downside is when their eyes fall out, and the horrendous cramp you get in your arm from holding it up in the air and moving your thumb up and down for a good few minutes!

However, there are things about looking after kids which are not so fun. Like when they poo themselves and they're wearing knickers. Poor Madeleine had a poorly tummy last week so had regressed a bit in her potty training when I saw her on Friday. Needless to say, the morning was spent running up and down the stairs emptying the potty when she got there on time, or changing her underwear when she didn't. That was the morning after the snow, so it was still pretty cold. My poor body got a bit confused cycling in that weather because I had too many layers on my top half so by the time I'd cycled up the delightful hill that is Whiteladies road, I was sweltering. But my legs felt odd - it felt like I was having to put a huge amount of effort into getting them to work, which was such an odd sensation. So, by the time I got to childminding I was pretty exhausted. So it was nice to spend parts of the morning (when we weren't doing the toilet trips) sitting with Madeleine watching the snow fall and the squirrels running about the garden.

I'm off to one of Bristol's art galleries now with my lovely friend Sammy, as part of her birthday fun, then I'm going bowling tonight with my cell group, which I am sure will be as amusing as ever when you possess the bowling skills of a turnip.

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