Thursday, February 08, 2007

recent happenings....

Sorry for the recent lack of posts - as per usual I have been busy busy busy.

The dissertation is coming along nicely - had a meeting with my supervisor on Monday to discuss what I have written already, and the first comment she made was. 'This is an incredibly fascinating read!', which is the kind of thing you love to hear from one of your markers.

Last week I did perhaps the most hardcore exercise sessions I can remember doing. I like to think that I am reasonably fit, as I run every week, and cycle at least twice a week, but boy did I feel like I was going to die when I went to a spinning class last week. For any of you who don't know what spinning is, it is not spinning wool, or spinning in circles, but cycling for 45 mins solid at various levels of resistance, having to do sprints and squats and all kinds of hideously painful things which make you sweat profusely. I'm thinking of going again this evening. As a result of going to the spinning class, I discovered that there is another Hannah Barnes at this university - how rude.

Last weekend saw Katie and Rachel's Caribbean themed 21st party - they put a phenomenal amount of effort into the decor, including a mini beach outside the door into our flat. It was a good evening, aside from the hour or so I spent cleaning vomit off people's coats after a rather drunk girl had found her way to the coat room, aka Rach's bedroom, mistaking it for the bathroom, and promptly spewed over people's coats. Nice. It was a pretty busy weekend, what with the party, Word Pluc (a theology course I am doing) from 9 - 5 on sat, followed by babysitting, and baking for 250 people for church on sunday. Needless to say, after doing the kids work on sunday morning, I was pretty whacked.

Right, it's time to get to work.

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