Tuesday, June 05, 2007

cookies, cakes and children ...oh, and illegal activity

The last week was my first week of free time since finishing my degree. Much to my surprise, I found myself lying in till 8.30am, which is virtually unheard of for me, and I have to say, I am not really a fan of this laying in malarky. I know that to most people 8.30 does not constitute a lie-in, but to me, it's almost 2 hours later than when I would normally get up, so that's a good chunk of the morning for me. Anyway, the bonus of having a whole lot of time on my hands was that it meant that I could finally get stuck into working on the canvas I am doing for a friend's wedding reception (see above for a snapshot). It basically consists of hundreds of beads stitched on with a few rose petals here and there. It has been wonderful to finally get my creative brain working after a long break due to my degree.

My free time has also meant plenty of time baking yummy treats for various people's birthdays, and for lots of children. It was my flatmate Sarah's birthday on Thursday, so I made here a mountain cake, which was demolished way too quickly, but that's what happens when you've got lots of hungry friends, and when you give someone their cake with all those hungry friends there, waiting to be fed! Unfortunately Ben's birthday cake wasn't quite so spectacular, as his had to be posted to Cambridge, which makes for chocolate-mountain-transporting- difficulities.

Some exciting news on the summer job front is that I start childcare temping tomorrow! I'll also be working on Friday, and both of the nurseries are really close to my house, which is always a bonus. I am trying to value my prime housing location as much as possible for the next few weeks, as I will be doing a whole lot more cycling over this wonderfully hilly city (that has succeeded in reducing me to tears with cycling frustration during the winter months) when I move house in July.

I suppose I should give an explanation for my reference to my 'illegal activity.' Today, Katie asked me to take back a dress and get a refund for her, as I was going to that end of town. So she gave me her card and wrote her pin on my tummy in case I forgot it. All fine. When it came to getting her refund, I put Katie's card in the chip and pin thing, as directed. All fine. Then the lovely Bristolian lady put a pen down in front of me. In the few seconds of her putting the pen down and processing the refund, I realised she had put the pen in front of me for a reason. She wanted a little thing called a signature - just a formality when it comes to proving who you are. Hmmm. So, I explained that actually the card I was using was not my own so should I fake my friend's signature. In the proper Brizzle accent, I was told, 'well iss gone throughinnit so yer...ang on...'Kenya, is gone through an its not her card so she'll 'ave to sign it won't she?' Kenya, the co-worker confirmed that yes, I would have to forge Katie's signature. They were slightly unimpressed, though I couldn't determine whether their annoyance was any more exaggerated with a crim like me than with anyone else, as I had not seen their expressions change in the whole time I was in the mile long queue. They then told me I'd have to fill out 'this' which was asking for my name and address. As I was not sure whether this was to cover their backs against forgery, or just protocol for returns, I asked if I needed to pretend to be Katie again. Turned out I did, so another forged signature. I was quite surprised at how natural I looked, writing this signature like a pro - not that I am impressed at my ability to forge signatures...sorry mum and dad.

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