Wednesday, June 06, 2007

play time

Today I spent the afternoon working with the wonderful toddlers of Torwood House Nursery, which consists of three four storey houses all interconnected. Pretty amazing. The kids were great - with a constant stream of runny noses, sunhats falling off, poo-ey nappies and fun. It was slightly surreal in that I just rocked up, told the first person I saw in uniform that I was Hannah from the agency and then someone took me to the kids. No-one else asked my name or told me what I should do - they just let me get on with it. It's quite funny the number of children who call you 'Mummy' after spending just a few hours with them, yet struggle to remember your name despite being told numerous times what your name is. It's also amazing just how trusting and affectionate children are - it never fails to amaze me what an incredible transition happens somewhere between childhood and adulthood that means that you stop showing affection and trust in such a selfless way...

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