Thursday, June 07, 2007

To my Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday. 48 years ago today, my Daddy was born into the world and had it been any number of days or years later, none of his four wonderful children would be here today. If you haven't met him, my Dad is a wonderful man, who doesn't get anywhere near the credit he is due for all he does (but God sees it, Dad). He is incredibly committed and dedicated to everything he does, everything he is passionate about he approaches with an awesome determination. He is a wonderful father, a loving husband; he's been a teacher to probably thousands of people in the time he's been a lecturer, and has taught both the young and the old. He has an amazing ability to communicate with all ages and all types of people. He is a talented artist and a gifted musician. What a legend. Thanks Dad for all you do for our family - for the way you have always provided for us and never once complained about it; for the phenomenal patience with which you have raised us, and trusted each one of us to God. I love you very much Dad, and would love to be in Herne Bay with you on your birthday to give you a big old hug.

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