Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ok, so here's the post I promised...Last week involved working for the most part with lots of wonderful children who come out with some wonderfully classic comments, like, "my cat got dead. It was walking very slowly across the road and a car was coming very fast, and it got dead." and from Madeleine as we were walking back from the park, as she stopped, I asked if she was ok, to which this particularly special 2 year old replied, "yeh, I've just got a wedgie. Just sorting it out...ok, it's gone now." Legend.

On Thursday we ('we' being 23 of our friends) took a trip down to Croyde in Devon for a day at the beach. And what a wonderful day it was. I cooked a good old barbeque, using the stones as my utensils and we had rather a fancy lunch of bacon and beefburgers with salad and all the trimmings (well, nearly all). It was wonderful to have a good old swim in the sea and try and catch a few waves on the body board. The journey home was blissful - the feeling of having sunkissed skin, salty hair, and sand ingrained into your skin, along with the immense tiredness that I finally allowed to settle after a long week of being ignored was brilliant. I could totally get used to going to the beach every day.

On Friday I went up to Spitten Farm in Evesham, with 150 people from my church and another 700 people from other New Frontiers churches across the Southwest for the weekend. Due to the British weather being truly faithful in its nature, we got incredibly wet and muddy, and spent most of the weekend this way. It was a fantastic weekend where God moved incredibly powerfully amongst all who were there - the young and the old. It is amazing to see how God responds when people are hungry to meet with Himand have hearts that are willing to hear what He has to say.

Monday morning was spent manically preparing beef goulash for 10 people before going to childminding. I don't think I've ever cooked with such speed - I felt like I was on ready steady cook - how much fun would that be!?!

Over the last couple of days I have had a runny nose and have been sneezing an unusual amount - it doesn't feel like a cold so I am hoping it's hayfever - a slightly funny thing to 'hope' for, I know, but if it is, it means that a few pills should sort me out. If it is a cold, I could be in a spot of trouble, as I have been asked to sing at a wedding in 2 weeks time (which I have to confess, I found highly amusing when I was asked - I never envisaged myself singing at someone's wedding), and my cold's are usually pretty persistent. Ho hum....

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