Sunday, June 24, 2007

mother hen

well, my feminine response to the common cold (a.k.a the 'man-flu' for all you men who have not heard of such a thing) presides once again. Despite having been out last night and not being in bed before midnight, I still awoke at 6.30am this morning. Naively, I thought that just this once, I might be able to trick my body into going back to sleep. Yeh right. Instead, I just started thinking about all of the little things that I mustn't forget to pack when I move in a week and a half. My housemates are off to London today for a fun filled couple of days, including a trip to Wimbledon, so as they were up bright and early this morning, I decided to get up too. This was when the mother hen in me reared its lovely head (which I genuinely am beginning to love) as I looked around the flat and saw what a mess it was in. So, at 7.15am I started tidying. I wanted to hoover as well but thought the boys who live below would not be so appreciative of my nesting tendencies at this time in the morning. I am very much looking forward to moving in to my new abode and having a fresh canvas to inspire creativity, so to speak. I love homemaking.

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