Friday, June 29, 2007

tales of a nursery worker and a little bit more...

Over the last month I have had the joy of experiencing the high's and low's of nursery work, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to paint you a picture of what it's like...

Life working in nurseries is one where you get shown a whole lot of love by children in a way that we as adults are hopeless at doing, where children accept oneanother in spite of any frailties; where you can fly around the world and back in a few minutes, where feeding 20 children at once can actually be surprisingly easy.... Nurseries are places where giraffe's get mistaken for rats, where it is fun to eat soil, sand, uncooked rice and glitter, where I am told by a two year old boy that he has a big bum like me; where I have gained the world record for the highest number of cups of tea to be drunk in the space of 15 minutes by a non-tea drinker; where it is ok to ask who has done a poo, then use your nose to sniff out the offender, and where children love to tell you that they have just done a 'humungous' poo; where you get covered in puke and have to sit on the bus on the way home, aware that you smell of baby sick, but are just too tired to care. Don't you wish you could do this job?!

Today is moving day for me, and I awoke at 5.45am, probably because I was trying to make lists in my sleep of all the little things I need to remember not to forget. Bit by bit, I have removed the marks of me in this flat - the photos, the breadmaker, two (of our 5) cupboards filled entirely with baking ingredients and equipment, the cd's, the pretty candles, the African drums...and so from today, this house will lose its housemate who has become a recyling fiend and insists on trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, often to the annoyance of her housemates; who always gets up at ridiculously early hours and has almost mastered the art of stepping over the broken floorboards to minimise the risk of waking her housemates, but still manages to sound like an elephant; who every now and then takes over the kitchen for 9 hours to bake for 200 people. It has been a quality two years sharing this flat with three wonderful girls who I will miss very much.

I will probably not have much internet access for the next couple of weeks as it'll take a while to get it all set up, so sadly there will be a blogging break for that time.

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