Sunday, September 09, 2007

I did it!!

I can now proudly say that I have run the Bristol half marthon! Woohoo!!! I won't be sure of my exact time until 9pm this evening, by which time the info from my Championchip will tell the powers that be how long after the race started I crossed the start line (there where a whole lot of people running this thing). But I did it in roughly 2 hours, which is what I had expected.

I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable experience. I loved the sound of pattering footsteps as everyone ran along silently, cheered on by the neverending crowds of supporters. There was a wonderful atmosphere throughout the whole run, and I found that I was able to keep on running without any difficulty. Unfortunately I did not run the whole way with Ros - by the 10 mile point, Ros was feeling she needed to ease up on our pace, so I went ahead. For those last few miles, I went into this odd state of just being 'in the zone'. Whilst I was still grateful for all the supporters I felt almost oblivious to them - just me and the road, me and the road, and a few runners who I became quite intent on overtaking, and did so quite successfully!! I sprinted the last 400 metres, and then had some kind lady undo my shoelace so she could take off my championchip - to save me bending over!!

I felt great for a while after the race - until the effect of the endorphines and lucozade had worn off - at which point, I felt desperately in need of sleep and food. The roast dinner that Ros' husband had cooked for us was incredibly welcomed by my hungry hungry belly, and I soon perked up.

So that's that done and dusted. Who knows what challenge will be next...

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snailsnail said...

Congratulations munchkin!
Great to see you today.