Saturday, October 06, 2007

loving autumn

I seem to be going through a bit of a funny season with blogging at the moment. I really want to blog, but seem to have lost my lyrical flow (if I ever had any!). In all honesty, whilst I would like to think that I was unaffected by my big brother's comment a while ago that each of my entries was like a little novella, I did feel slightly patronised (no hard feelings John) and I think this has affected the way I write. I guess in saying this I am wanting to get over it and get back into writing again.

In losing my writing momentum, I would have loved to have kept this updated with photos of all the exciting things that bring joy in the everyday-ness of life, but the lack of a digital camera has hindered this somewhat. I would so love to have a bit of a documentary of my life going on because I know that whilst many memories will stay with me for my lifetime, there are a whole lot that won't. Also, there are hundreds of things which capture my attention on a daily basis, which I will never see again as you can never truly replicate anything, and it's those little things which I want to capture. Like last Sunday, I went for a run in the morning, exploring St Werburghs which is still a relatively new part of the city to me, and so holds lots of undiscovered delights. So I took the opportunity to explore my surroundings a little bit. As I ran through the Narroways Greenlands which is an area preserved by the National Trust, I ran over a railway bridge. Sadly, there was a lot of metal fencing - almost caging - arching over the bridge, but what caught my attention was the way a plant had woven its beautiful red autumnal leaves and tiny tiny tendrils in and around the mesh of the ugly metal fencing. Quite amazing. But I know that if I go back there in a few weeks time, those leaves will no longer be the stunning reds and oranges of Autumn, but probably will have died.

My run took me through a small area of woodland which I didn't know existed, which was much to my delight, to find some woods right by my house. The woods came out by some alotments. I was about to turn back on myself and run back the way I had come but then noticed how the trees lining each side of the pathway had bent over towards oneanother to make an archway for everyone who walks underneath it, and I simply couldn't refuse such an invitation to explore a little bit further. The next thing I knew, I was running past some pigs! There is a wee farm in St Werburghs, and I had stumbled upon it. It's amazing the way the farm makes you feel like you are in a totally different place - it's not your usual farm with acres of fields, but it does not feel like you're in a big city.
I also came across an area of self-built eco housing (mum, you would love it). I think this is very cool - the way the houses are built makes you feel like you are in a shared community space - there's none of this terraced house business with all the front doors facing the same way so that you can easily avoid eye contact with your neighbour, thus extending the unfriendliness of British people. Rather,the houses are built in a slightly hap-hazard way in terms of their orientation., but with a good central space that appears to be communal.
Sorry, I'd not doing a great job of conjuring up images in your imagination.

I hadn't intended to tell you all about my run - my fingers just seemed to get carried away - I suppose I just wanted to share my excitement over my new discoveries with somebody.

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