Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dream, dream, dream, dream, dre- e-e-e-am....

I am a dreamer. Not the daydreaming kind, but a serious night-time dreamer. I know that it is relatively common knowledge that most of us have about five dreams a night, but will only remember one or two of them - at the most. However, I can often remember three or more dreams, or things that I have dreamed about in one night. I also know that dreams often reflect what's been going round your head is true.

Last night I dreamed about running. Before going to bed, I had contemplated going for a run this morning, and told myself that even if it was really cold, I could hack it. I really need to get back into running, since I have signed myself up to another half marathon in the not too distant future, and because I was feeling the weight of this, I dreamed that I was about to run 10K which was also an obstacle / adventure course. At the line up, they started shouting instructions about where we needed to go first, which tasks we needed to complete before moving on to the next thing, and I had no idea what they were talking about. So I asked my friend Livy, who happened to be there too, and she looked at me with a rather shocked and concerned expression on her face and said, 'Didn't you read the instructions?' Nope, I hadn't. so I was completely unprepared for this run in every way - no training and no instructions read. That's pretty much where that dream ended. Am I really that worried about not being able to run this next half marathon?!

I'm thinking that instructions were a part of my dream because yesterday, all of the sewing I had planned to do did not happen because I could not fit the bobbin holder into the machine. I tried for about an hour, and looked through the instruction booklet about five times trying to find a diagram or instructions, but to no avail. Reading instructions properly is not something that I do well, so I went away from my attempts to sew thinking, 'I didn't give up easily like I often do when I can't work something out - I remained patient with it, and tried to read the instructions thoroughly and properly, and I am quite sure that they missed this bit out.' Though I know the likelihood is that I did in fact miss the part where it tells you how to fit the contraption together. But it's ok, because Hazel who owns the machine is coming round this morning, so I can get her to show me how to do it. Thankfully I find it a whole lot easier to do something when I am shown how to do it than when I am required to read something and decipher what exactly it means.

(In the process of trying to find a photo for this entry, I came across this photographer, and having spent only a few minutes perusing his site, I have to say I love his photography, and I will most definitely be returning to his site to see more of his work and be inspired and enamoured...)

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