Thursday, December 13, 2007

my toes will be the first to go...

This is going to be short - I know that you don't need to be told that - but I have to tell myself that so I hold back on finding something to spend a long time talking about. I have had a totally unproductive morning, other than managing to order some photos (work related, so totally permissable), but otherwise I have been utterly hopeless at getting on with spending the morning studying. This is for a number of reasons:

:: I am distracted by the fact that my big toes have once again lost all feeling in them because it's rather chilly. I am taking every possible measure to warm up using methods other than turning on the heating - I have adorned my jumper which adds 2 stone to me and makes my arms feel like they are too far away from my body, put on slipper socks over my normal socks, drunk 2 mugs of hot water and put a hot water bottle on my toes to defrost them.

:: I am not feeling 100% well - I've had a little bug with me, trying to be a cold but not quite achieving full status as such, but succeeding today in making my brain feel like it's rattling around my head each time I run up and down the two flights of stairs to my bedroom to get another thing I've forgotten to bring downstairs to aid my studying. Brain rattling + tiredness = slightly ineffective Hannah.

:: I am starting to allow the tiredness of this term to sink in a little bit too early as it's not officially holiday time yet - I am so looking forward to staying with Mum+Dad+siblings to get some much needed rest and recouperation.

:: Procrastination - it's just so easy and tempting and I'm just so good at giving in to that temptation.

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