Tuesday, January 01, 2008

face strain

You know when you have done so much laughing and smiling, your face - particularly your cheek bones - really ache? Well, I've had that feeling in my face now for the last few days. Sadly it is not because I have spent so many hours of the day laughing and smiling that the feeling has become perpetual. Rather, it is because I have spent far too many hours sitting in front of this laptop, and my poor little eyes have ended up squinting to focus clearly on the screen. Because my little mind has had to expend so many neurons concentrating on keeping my face screwed up, there tends to be a huge delay in realizing that my face is in some odd contortion, before I relax it. Hence the 'face strain'.

While it has been wonderful to have had so much time to relax, I really do need to find some other inexpensive hobbies to do which do not involve sitting in front of a computer screen. And when I say inexpensive, I really do mean that. There are many things that I would love to be spending my time doing - making hundreds of cards, taking hundreds of photos, baking hundreds of cakes - but all of these require either a significant sum of money, or an obscure inheritance / treasure chest filled with all of the resources I need. Both of these are non existent in my life at this point in time. Maybe one day.

I have been marginally productive in the time that I have spent on the computer in that I have finally started to write the article I was asked to write months ago for the Hospital Play Specialist's journal. I have six days left in which to submit the article. I'm not usually a leave-it-til-the-last-minute kind of person, but because the article is completely unrelated to what I have been doing this last term, it has had to be put at the back of my mind in the things-to-do-which-I-have-not-forgotten-about-and-really-will-do-stack until now. It's not anywhere near finished yet, and is going to require a huge amount of cutting and culling if it's ever going to fit into this journal without filling its entirety.

I dreamed last night that it snowed. It is far from snowing here. Global warming??

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