Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, it is my last night in the Bay before going back to good ole Brizzle, and I think I have succeeded in leaving my 'mark' here again. In the duration of my short stay I have managed to knock over so many glasses of water that I cannot actually remember just how many glasses have fallen prey to the wrath of my foot. I managed to chip one of mum and dad's mugs by dropping a jar of marmite and it collided with the mug on its way down. Then the finale came today when I was with Katy in a certain homestore.

Having been in the shop for less than 3 minutes, I was walking between a shelf display (oh yes, you know what's coming) and a stack of cushions or something of that nature. It was rather a small gap and I slightly misjudged the width of me and my big fat bag. (I am pretty sure that I haven't put on so much weight over Christmas that I have added so many inches to my size that I am that unaware of how big I am - maybe just poor spacial awareness.

So anyway, as I walked through this little gap I heard the sound of tumbling objects. Not just any old objects, like a little bit of tupperware, or some cushions or duvets (ironically, because I was in the bedlinen section, so I should have been pretty safe - if I fell I'd most likely fall onto a ready-made bed - definite bonus to find a bed prepared for sleep in a shop of all places, if any linen fell, it would have been fine because it's unbreakable) but vases. I stopped dead still in the hope of preventing any wobbling vase from tumbling to its demise. The lovely Katy, meanwhile, was 'oop-ing' and 'argh-ing' behind me, trying desperately to rescue my latest victim. But her efforts were in vain and the vase ended up on the floor in quite a lot of pieces. What was slightly scary was the speed at which a shop assisstant was at the scene of the accident picking up the pieces - quite literally.

Oh dear. I suppose the only positive thing about the victims of my clumsiness is that they are not human so while I don't want to seem like I don't care, at the end of the day these things don't actually matter if they break. Let's just hope no children in my care are ever hurt by my clumsiness.

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