Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Making, Muller & Machiato

Yesterday it was my day off, and I decided that I would make use of the time to do something I actually wanted to do. I have a habit of storing up things I want to do until my day off, then end up spending too much time cleaning and tidying to do fun things. So, I spent the morning with my newly acquired stanley knife making these...

In the afternoon I went to Starbucks and started to read a book about George Muller - a man with incredible faith in God's provision. I am particularly excited about learning more about him as he made Bristol his home for a large period of his life and established a number of children's homes, which are all quite near where I live. There is something quite amazing about learning about the things God has done in the city you live in.

At Starbucks I had ordered my favourite drink - a caramel machiato - in Grande size. Not for the extreme caffeine hit, but because I knew I was going to be there a while and didn't want my drink to run out too quickly. The lady serving me asked, as she had with every other customer that day, if I'd like an extra shot of espresso for free. I declined, fully aware that I get a sufficient buzz from a normally caffeinated drink, and definitely did not need my brain to be working any faster. But I don't think she listened. So by the time I arrived at small group I was talking ten to the dozen and had the shakes when I tried to write. An interesting experience that I've had only once before when I was dissertation writing. Needless to say, I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night and found myself wondering what it is about caffeine that stops you sleeping. Is it simply the way it increases adrenaline or does it affect your arexin levels? That's as far as my thoughts got on that one.

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flarii said...

hannah are you by any chance trying to appear more scientific?
arexin levels?
ahah :)