Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rain, rain go away, come again another day

Since getting back to Bristol I am well aware that I have not been back in full blogging swing. This has partly been because this week has been one of those weeks where I have really struggled to motivate myself, so not a whole lot has happened in the life of Hannah!

However, I have had a lovely weekend. Yesterday was spent with my old house mates, celebrating Rachel's birthday. Shopping for her presents was interesting, as it was pouring with rain, and although I had my super cool ladybird umbrella (pictured left), the rain seemed to be coming at such an angle that it made very little difference having an umbrella. Also, all of the shops that I went in only have brown paper bags, which is something I would usually delight in as they are far less damaging on the environment. You do not need me to tell you that paper doesn't love the rain. So I ended up with a lot of wilted paper bags. Fortunately none of the presents were damaged.

Today has been a good, pretty productive day. I went for a 65 minute run this morning in the rain. It was meant to be 80 minutes, but I have been on hour long runs for the past two days, so figured that kind of made up for it. Also I knew I would be cycling to church, which is 2 miles of uphill-ness, so wanted to save a little bit of muscle power for that. I ran along the A4 towards Bath. Maybe one day I'll run all the way. On my travels I came across I park I did not know about, so decided to run through it. I picked up some bottles that were on the ground and soon realised that the only bin in the park was in the playground area. There was a man walking his dog, and for some reason I didn't want to run past him carrying these bottles. So I went the long way round to the bin in the hope that the man would have moved further away from the bin by the time I got there. He hadn't. I wondered if he was watching me, wondering why I had gone the most unobvious route to the bin, or if he was wondering whether I had planted a bomb in there.

For the last stretch of my run, the rain was getting harder, and just as I didn't think I could possibly be any wetter, a coach drove past me at high speeds, and there just so happened to be a massive puddle between me and the coach, so I got a resounding slap on the back from this puddle - it actually made a 'slap' sound.

This afternoon I have made Divine (fair trade) chocolate mousse for 25 people, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned and tidied my room (why do we say it that way round? You always do it the other way round), and stuck some photos in a sketch book. Now I'm going to make some cards then go and do some praying at the prayer meeting.

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