Monday, April 28, 2008


I just thought I'd sign in as I'm signing off for the day. I've missed blogging recently, but at the same time, I haven't. I've wanted to write a little bit more in depth but also about the little things in life, like how much my sunflower babies have grown, and how proud I am to be a 'mum' to so many babies that demand very little of my attention. (I also have aloe vera babies and gazonia babies). But I have struggled to reconcile the two, and so writing nothing has won out, which is not the outcome I had hoped for.

Right now, I am oh so very tired, having been awake since 6, or perhaps even earlier - I now start rousing from sleep as the sun rises which is pretty early. I was going to write that my eyes feel like they need to be propped open with matchsticks, beause I am struggling that much to keep them open, but instead, I have given in to the heaviness, and am typing with my eyes closed. It is surprisingly therapeutic.

Life is so full at the moment that I have had to resort to making lists about anything and everything that passes through this skittish little brain of mine to save me forgetting then desperately trying to remember. This is my attempt to be organised. The only problem is, I keep putting my post it notes in different places, and forgetting where I have left them, so my attempts at being organised are not being overly effective. In an attempt to try and resolve this problem, I have started sticking the post-it's into my diary, which is now bulging in a big way. I feel like I need someone who is actually good at being organised to show me how to do it - surely that would be far more effective than myself, a slightly unorganised all over the place person trying to bring order. It doesn't quite work as I would like it to.

I'm sorry that this has not been a particularly informative post - I will try and rectify that tomorrow on my day off which holds the exciting task of CV writing and visiting the careers advisory centre in the hope that they will do just that - advise me.

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PelleasAnthor said...

Hi Hannah, You might not feel your postings are informative, but anything from you is nice to read. :) I hope you have a useful time at the careers place.