Friday, April 18, 2008

a liverpudlian lilt

This week I've had the pleasure of having my beautiful sister come to stay with me. She's so grown up and mature these days. The thing that amused me the most was the way she's picked up a hint of the Liverpudlian accent, after spending a weekend with the cousins in Liverpool over Easter. She even speaks German with a Liverpudlian accent. Apparently I speak German with a Scottish accent. Ho hum. Poor Sarah was privy to just how awful my sense of direction is. We ended up on the wrong section of the M5 again and nearly ended up in Wales again - this is becoming quite a habit for me. But hey, I always manage to get where I'm going eventually - it just tends to take slightly longer than it does for the average person. I need someone to teach me to navigate and map read.

All of my plants that I am growing are coming along nicely, although it's been dawning on me that I am going to need a whole lot more pots to plant the rapidly growing seedlings into, especially for my sunflowers. I am having a competition with Andy, a guy from church who lives just down the road with his lovely wife Kate. Our sunflowers have the potential to grow up to 9feet! So far I have 12 sunflower babies. If they all flourish, my little patio is going to be festooned with sunflowers - how exciting!

A few pictures from my walk to the office today...

There are some pretty amazing graffiti artists in Bristol.

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