Thursday, August 21, 2008

it's about time

Firstly I'd like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to my immensely clever sister who got her GCSE results today. The legend got all A*'s and A's - I'm so proud!

Secondly, I have been hopeless at blogging lately for a few reasons. Namely, not being in Bristol near a computer, but also, just a lack of words. I need to get some shut-eye so here's just a few photos from the last few weeks...

A cake for a good friend who's sadly now left Bristol

One of the very few sunny skies we've had this 'summer'

One of the three reversible aprons I've made this month

Baby Martha - a joy to look after

The infamous Durdle door which I had the pleasure of visiting with Dave and his sister

...and a weird bucket tree in Lulworth Cove

Blurry blackberries and happily stained fingers from my forraging in the nearby fields yesterday. Who would have thought you could pick blackberries in the city. Also, I've bought a dozen eggs this week from the City farm's chickens - quite exciting and most definitely more reassuringly reared than the eggs you get in the supermarket.
Tomorrow I'm off on another adventure to the New Forest with a few other churches. Am very much looking forward to spending quality time with some wonderful families and friends, and hearing some great teaching...

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