Friday, September 05, 2008

a little worrying

Oh gosh. I just started making an apple crumble and remembered one of my dreams last night. Please don't laugh. I dreamed about le creuset dishes and how wonderful they are. I would absolutely love to own some of these dishes but they cost about an arm and a leg, so there's no chance. They are quite beautiful, though, aren't they?


snailsnail said...

haha, you're weird.

Sarah said...

They are pretty dishes though aren't they! I have one my mum bought me when I graduated, and its great, I use it everyday (so I reckon you could justify the cost if you get one on offer ;) ) The blue ones are lovely

Sarah said...

Hi again! I just wrote you an email and then realised blogger didn't give me your email address... could you drop me a line (
Thank you!
Sarah x