Tuesday, October 21, 2008

birthday fun and other things

The weekend saw the start of my 24th year of being alive. I had lots of fun and felt very spoilt by my wonderful friends. The afternoon was spent pottery painting. The evening was spent at the pub - it was great to have Adam (pictured left) here - he spent last year in Bristol doing FP with myself, Sarah (also pictured left) & Hazel. So it was a like the good old times having him here.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours looking after 2 boys from church. They spent about 45 minutes playing Yu-gi-oh! which is a card game that I totally didn't understand. When you have a card called 'Air hummingbird special ability' I just think of a cake, not a game.

It got me thinking about how for much of my time, I inhabit the world of childhood, but not be a part of it, because it is not my childhood. That has passed and cannot be recaptured. Not that I feel like it needs to be, but it was just an interesting moment when I realised that I really am quite far removed from 'childhood' as such, despite working with children every day. There are many things that have changed since I was a wee lass, many new games and fads that have come and gone that I don't have a clue about. Yet it never ceases to amaze me, the number of things that remain the same. Like nursery rhymes. All nurseries still sing the same old classics. But then I suppose it's not that ususual, as practitioners are simply putting into practice the things that remained with them from their childhood, and it's not an area that can really be changed by the market, unlike children's toys and games...hmmm...not really a profound thought, but just one that I thought I'd share.

Here is what my efforts produced (pre-firing...)

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