Thursday, October 30, 2008

my latest challenge

There's something about this running malarchy...I don't quite know what but it's starting to get me to do crazy things at an alarming frequency. On November 16th, just 2 months after the Bristol half marathon, I'm going to be taking part in Hellrunner. A 12 mile trail run at Longmoor Camp which is an army training base. As if that doesn't say enough what kind of a run I'm in for, every photo and you tube video available from this run features people plastered in mud or wading through waist-deep rivers. This is taking running to a whole other level for me.

Am I prepared for it? Well, according to the man in the running shop, 'nothing can prepare you for that!' Well, I suppose that's encouraging! So yesterday I did a 10 mile run with Dan, the one responsible for me doing this, and ended up with a nice set of fat blisters, thanks to my new trail running shoes. It's going to be fun! It's just a shame no-one will be there to provide photographic evidence of me doing it.

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PelleasAnthor said...

Hannah, You're my hero(ine)!