Thursday, October 30, 2008

my two latest charges

I'd like to introduce you to Shadow & Dusty. The children are away so instead, I have the guinea pigs. And oh how lovely they are. (To play with, not eat, that is, John!) They are 9 weeks old and cool as can be. Dusty is way more chilled out than any of my guinea pigs ever were, and Shadow likes the shutter sound of the camera on my phone - he made that purring-shaking contented noise each time I took a photo. They do not, however, like the sound of my voice. I had just tucked the two lovely warm bundles away in my jacket to put back in their hutch when Jo rang. The whole time I was on the phone to her they squeaked away (still inside my jacket - perfect substitutes for a hot water bottle - except when they poo on you). Then the second I got off the phone, the squeaking stopped. Maybe I need to work on my ability to speak guinea pig instead of human, and they'll stop squeaking at me.


snailsnail said...

oh, but see how delicious they look!

PelleasAnthor said...

They will lull you into a false sense of security for the first couple of days, then start giving you trouble. See my blog entry for today if you want to know what I mean!