Wednesday, November 26, 2008

is he real?

Yesterday on the way home from school we were talking a little about Christmas. I think the conversation was about how Father Christmas brings all the presents. Grace, the wonderful 8 year old said to me, 'Now Hannah, is Father Christmas actually real?'
The thoughts that preceded my answer went a little like this...

'No of course he is not real - my little sister got this at the age of 4 and declared it to the silly women on the train to Scotland who were trying to convince her he's real. I am not going to lie to you but, oh help, I could be about to shatter all your illusions and bring your little world crashing down around you, and I'll have to pick up the pieces....'

So I said,

'Do you want to know the truth?'

Grace & Will: Yes

Hannah: 'No he is not real.'

To my surprise, neither of them were upset or particularly bothered by this. Phew. Grace simply asked, 'But who brings all the presents?' To which I responded, in true 'I-work-with-children- so-always-throw-a-question-back-at-them-to-get-them-to-think-style', 'Who do you think brings them?'

Grace: 'Mummy and Daddy?'

Hannah: 'Yep.'

That was far easier than expected.


flarii said...

haha did i really?

snailsnail said...

aw man... I still have horrible memories of being told off by the (then) Mascals for informing Robyn that he wasn't real...