Wednesday, December 03, 2008

deck the halls

So, Christmas fun is offically underfoot - there has been present buying, making & baking. I thoroughly enjoyed using my sewing machine over the weekend to make some Christmas cards and a few presents.

Here is the fabric layered up and ready to go. This pile is now somewhat depleated.

I would quite happily while away my days sewing all kinds of treats.

Yesterday Grace's school was closed, due to the heating being broken, so we spent the afternoon making these little decorations....

...and baking 'hard boiled biscuits.' Grace got a little muddled with the name - they're actually called stained glass biscuits - you use hard boiled sweets to give a stained glass effect, hence the confusion.

If ever you need a bit of stress relief while working with kids and happen to have some hard boiled sweets and a hammer to hand, they provide the perfect combination. (I wasn't actually in need of stress relief - the thought just occurred to me as I was bashing & smashing away, how it would be a good thing to do if ever in need of some time away from the kids without actually being able to get away from them - this would be the perfect remedy.)

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