Friday, January 16, 2009

my afternoon off

I am quite tired at the moment. I am not enjoying the gloomy weather and would so love to see the sun for more of the year than we do. So it was with great delight when I finished work at 12pm today, and knew that this was the start of the weekend. I had the afternoon to do whatever I liked before hosting the kids work meeting. I had a few bits and pieces I needed to do, and had planned to go to Evensong at Bristol Cathedral, just to enjoy the peace and calm, but there were still plenty of hours in the afternoon to just relax. Until I started baking. And cooking. I hadn't intended to spend my afternoon this way, but that's what happened.

Since I started cooking as part of my job, I feel all of my energy for finding interesting and tasty things to cook has been directed towards the family I work for, and so feel that my housemates do not get the most inventive of dishes from me. So today, I decided to make homemade pizzas.

1: Tomato base with marinated cherry tomatoes, mozarella, parma ham, red onion & rocket dressed in garlic scented oil
2: Pesto base with flaked tuna, creme fraiche, red onion & pepper

Both were very tasty.

For dessert:
Apple strusel cake. re-named by my friend Ben as strackle or something of that description, because he could not reconcile having a streusel and a cake in the same dessert. It was basically a shortbread base, topped with stewed apples with a hint of vanilla, then sprinkled with shortbread mix again, combined with dessicated coconut & cranberries. Good work, delicious. magazine, good work.

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