Thursday, March 19, 2009


So it has been the case lately that I have suddenly needed a whole lot of fliers & invites designed for various church events. I am very blessed to have two exceedingly gifted brothers who help me out a whole lot more than I ever help them, and time and again come to my rescue. John, thankyou for doing such a wonderful last minute design job yet again this week. You are amazing.

Having been so impressed with some of John's work, a good friend of mine asked if he might be able to design a flier for a charity coffee morning next week. (I know I didn't tell you this John - it would have needed to be done yesterday & I thought two jobs in one day was pushing the limits just slightly.) So, not wanting to inflict more work on my brother, I suggested that we (which I ultimately knew meant 'I') could make one. All we needed to do was take a photo of a cup of coffee, upload to picasa, add some text, and wham, bam, thankyou m'am, we'd have ourselves an invite.

Amazingly, it all worked out. The only downside was that I had to drink a cup of coffee in order to take the photo. Not really a bad thing. Only yesterday, for me, it was a bad thing. I had already had a large coffee with this friend who needed the flier, and one cup is my limit. Anymore and my head will feel like it is trying to take off, and I will not sleep well.

'Decaff?!' I hear you ask. Yes. I'd totally intended on getting decaff, but totally forgot. So I was buzzing like a crazy little bee for far too many hours yesterday evening. And here is the caffeine fuelled goodness that was the cause of my bee-like-ness...

Simple, I know, but hey, it does the job and I like it.


snailsnail said...

Groovy stuff, well done you!

I can see you shan't be be needing my help anymore :-D !!

PelleasAnthor said...

Very effective!