Thursday, March 26, 2009


i have...

heard the wind howling & roaring right into my ears

made 35 scones (27 with the help of 3 year olds)

spent an hour on the phone to the internet man

marvelled at how uncomfortable a child could feel when baking

loved that Pip (who has featured in my stories before) decided after seeing me demonstrate how to make just two stitches with a needle & some wool on Binka, that she wants to 'sew a jumper of my sisters' (her Mum's having twins). When I suggested that perhaps this was a rather ambitious task, she said, 'yeh, maybe I should just sew a ring or a necklace or something.'

planned my running training for the next 6 weeks

and a whole lot of other things in between.

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PelleasAnthor said...

It's a busy, busy world you live in :)