Thursday, April 23, 2009

i ran.

I wrote this blog entry into my phone last night just before going to sleep. I had all of these reflections & bold images going around my head that I did not want to lose through the duration of sleep. So this is the form they came out in, and I decided to leave them that way.

Tiny purple dots on the horizon,
the afterimage of the sun imprinted on my retina,
held there only by my fixed gaze. As soon as I move, so will the little purple haze.

I lie down, still feeling the heat generated from my run coarsing around my muscles. Feeling the gentle ache, the effect of running on my body.

Remember the completely intoxicating scent of pollen filling the springtime air, the trees bending their boughs over me as I run through them
ushering their own little greeting
speaking of life overhead.

The sight of a breeze so gentle that I cannot feel it.
I only know of its presence by the leaves overhanging the gorge, set in motion.

Conscious of my breathing, my heartrate.
Conscious that it becomes an unconscious thing under the rhythm of the music in my ears.
Amazed that this can be so.
That my heart can be pounding but I do not feel it.

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