Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I think this is wonderful

This is a story written by the youngest child in the nursery class I work in. She's 3, she's beautiful, she's incredibly intuitive & I think she's a legend...

'Once upon a time there was a princess called Rose Petal. She lived far away in a little cottage next to her Nan's house.

One day she crept through the dark woods to the scary castle. It had lots of pictures of old kings and queens and there was a spider living in a big web with a fly caught in it!

Suddenly a big wolf with sharp teeth and sharp claws jumped out of bed. He chased Princess Rose Petal into the spooky forest.

Princess Poppy (who could fly!) swooped down out of the sky and rescued Princess Rose Petal with her sticky feet!

They went back to her cottage and had a rest and some milk. Then they played dressing up and put make up and jewels on. Then, they played hide and seek.

The end.

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