Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cupcake Run

A few weeks ago I dreamed up the idea of doing a cupcake run. I named it this simply because it was what came to mind, not because I intended to do any running with cakes.

So, with the help of the wondrous facebook, I set up an event, inviting 50-something people, asking the simple question:

Do you want some cake? If so, I'll bake it. I gave 4 options:

Maple & Pecan
Blueberry & lemon with a cheesecake topping
Apple & Cinnamon
Rocky Road

It was as fun as can be.

I delivered 100ish cakes to friends around the city. I was fortunate enough to have my very own driver who had to put up with my interesting form of navigation, but hey, we managed it.

My first stop was to an old coursemate from uni who I haven't seen since July 2007. We talked ten to the dozen, trying to pack in as many words as we possibly could in a very short space of time. It is times like that that I rejoice in being a woman. We love to talk. Fact. Well, most of us anyway. I came away from her house with a smile on my face & joy in my heart at having had the opportunity to catch up with her.

Oh how I love cake & oh how I love to give it away...

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