Thursday, May 07, 2009

menu for the day

Having had a busy old week and next to no time to plan what I was going to cook for the family I work for, I pulled down off the shelf a stack of Waitrose Recipe Cards and started trying to locate recipes containing chicken & bacon to use the meat that was in the fridge. Amazingly, I only needed to pick up two cards before finding the perfect recipes, sat one on top of the other. I love it when that happens.

Thursday & Friday's Menu:

Tartiflette with brie & bacon
Spicy chicken with chickpea couscous
And last but not least, the oh so simple but wonderfully delicious combination of strawberries & cream for dessert

As I whipped up the cream for dessert, I instructed Katie, the oldest of the children I childmind for, how to make meringues. It presented a little challenge, trying to describe the process of separating an egg to a first-timer, but she totally got it.

Katie's face was a picture of delight when I offered strawberries & cream for dessert, and I'm pretty sure my face had a similar expression on it when she announced, 'You really are a very good chef Hannah.'

I like the fact that she actually calls me a 'chef' - a slightly glorified title for what I actually do, but a massive compliment all the same.

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