Sunday, June 14, 2009


The days keep rolling is update number two of events from the last couple of weeks:

2: Perranporth, Cornwall
Some of my musically gifted friends are in a band called funkyouverymuch. Sometimes these friends like to get their groove on at weddings, and last weekend was one of those weekends where they felt a wedding coming on and graciously provided their musical funk abilities to enable a whole lot of other people to get their groove on too.

Where do I come into this? I hear you ask. Well, it just so happens that the band were staying in some caravans at our favourite Cornish caravan park - The Monkey Tree. And it also just so happened that the band thought it'd be fun to make a weekend of the wedding and invite some of their fortunate friends along for the Cornwall caravaning fun. I was one of those friends. What a great weekend it was. Aside from the rain, which, looking at the pictures below, you would never have know graced us with its presence. Well, I can assure you, we had rain a-plenty. I just so happened to whip my camera out at the moments that the sun decided it wanted a look in on our weekend.

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