Tuesday, June 09, 2009

run up, run down

So I have been slightly less regular with keeping my blog lately for a whole number of reasons. But this evening it just so happens that my plans changed and the last minute and so I can give this little blog some of my attention. Life has been fun & eventful of late so here begins a brief rundown of what I've been up to...I'm going to separate each event into a separate entry, just for ease of reading and distinguishing between the fun times.

1. Longleat
Two weeks ago a certain young man took me on a lovely day trip to Longleat, home of the South West's Safari park and Lord Bath's beautiful house and grounds. It was a gloriously sunny day. Here are just some of the friends we made. We had fun introducing the animals by first name to each other. [I am sure one of these animals is called Bob. Not an exciting name for a wild animal you might think, but totally in keeping with character - cool, calm & collected...]

:Updated from draft:
It is now Thursday. I started this entry on Tuesday evening with the full intention of writing four posts in one evening. I didn't even manage one. Oh my. The other three posts will come soon, I promise. Hopefully before the weekend as there's going to be plenty to photograph & talk about - the line up for the fun events of the next two days include a boat party & a wedding. The fun times just keep on coming....

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