Thursday, August 27, 2009

By special request : : Boris

To most of you, this is just some dog. Nothing special. But for those of you who spent the last week at The Barn in Hitchin, I am sure your faces lit up when you saw the photo of this particular dog. Let me tell you a little bit about him. His name is Boris. No joke. I think this is an absolutely brilliant name. Boris lives a very happy life in the countryside - what dog wouldn't love to live in the country, free to roam and rolik around in the country? Boris loves to catch and eat birds. His other canine companion, named Lush, that lives with him at the barn is rather advanced in years and doesn't have a whole lot of energy left in him, so Boris has found that the cat serves him very well as a play-fighting companion. The only thing is, the cat doesn't fight back. I think that the cat is highly confused by Boris' playful behaviour, which makes for great entertainment.

So Boris, I'd like to thank you for adding even more delight to our barn holiday. We loved seeing your bouncy self every day. I'd also like to say 'well done' for being a wise dog and ignoring the boys' encouragement to run beyond the parameter of your owner's ground. I would have been sad to see you get a little electric shock from your special collar.

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