Monday, November 02, 2009

And so it goes

Thursday was moving day. And so was Friday. It turns out I have quite a lot of stuff. A lot of lovely things that I have accumulated over the last few years that in a small way represent a little bit of me. Of the things I love. From all the books to fresj linen candles to photos to more books to baking supplies galore. They all came with me. Well, nearly all. I had to leave about 18 cake tins for the recycling men to collect and turn into some new wonderous things because there simply is not room for all of those tims at my new lodgings. While a little sad, it has helped me to dream. Of the day we move into our new church building where I hope I will be able to bake on premesis, saving me the need of vast numbers of old sweet tins to store my cakes in when I bake for church. That day is fast approaching...And I dream of a day when I might have my very own cake shop with drawers and boxes especially for cake storage...that day is a little further away, but maybe one day, some day...
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Lovely picture - who made it?