Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Autumn, I do love your colours, and I love you even more when you decide it's ok to let the sun have a look in.

Today has been a grey and dreary day, but that has not stopped my productivity. I have cooked, cleaned, e-mailed and completed my teacher training application. Success! And all before midday. The moment I clicked the 'form complete' tab on my application, the sun started shining. I decided not to waste the glorious moment, grabbed my camera and ran out the door to the park next to my house. I took one photo only to discover that the memory card was not in my camera.

So I ran back to my house, praying that the sun would keep on shining, just for a few more minutes, retrieved my memory card and ran back to the park. It was a wonderful interlude to my day, just me, my camera and the leaves in all their crunchy, colourful splendour.
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I love the top right!