Thursday, December 17, 2009

like pieces of a puzzle

Consequences. A game of little consequence but fun all the same. Grace & I have taken to playing this the last couple of Wednesday's when we go for our weekly trip to Costa. We don't exactly play by the rules, and I think this makes for a better game.

How we play: One of us starts the story, then folds over what they have written. Then the next person writes something. We only share necessary information, then back and forth we go until the story is written.

Our story this week: Moochoo's Friend.

And this is how it went:

It was a cold, blustery Winter day when Moochoo the Mouse realised he needed a friend.

Moochoo then remembered about the mittens that Gran knitted him.

QHile sitting by his fire, which was a mouse-sized-matchstick-fire, Moochoo thought about what he should do. He decided he should leave his house at once and go on a search for the thing missing in his life.

He searched and searched and found nothing but a button and some fluff.

Having walked for almost a whole afternoon, whcih, for a mouse, was like awhole year, Moochoo sat on a berry and thought. He had not found what he was looking for and he decided maybe he should look somewhere else. Just then, he saw a tree branch waving at him. 'He looks friendly', thought Moochoo. Maybe he can help.

So Moochoo found it, at last. The End.

Like pieces of a puzzle that somehow fit together, a story created by two minds makes just a little bit of sense using a lot of imagination. I like this game.

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PelleasAnthor said...

Let's play it at Christmas!