Wednesday, January 06, 2010


There's that famous Christmas song by Dean Martin with the line, 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.' Every Winter, I find those words surface in my mind, hoping that maybe we'll have a little bit more of the beautiful white stuff than normal this year.

So far, 2010 has proved faithful in bringing my wish to life. I'm home on this White Wednesday morning because it has snowed. A lot. So much so that schools across the city have closed for the day. I kind of like the fact that because we don't get guaranteed snow here every year, we are not very well prepared for when those beautiful flakes start falling, quiet, soft and slow. Life slows right down and we have to adjust our routines.

Adjusting my routine means using my feet for transport instead of my two wheels. However, the other day I didn't feel like spending my day walking, so I caught the bus. Standing at the bus stop, I had a little think about 2010. This is what I thought...

So, hello 2010, you're here. I have no idea what you are going to bring, and that feels a little bit funny. What did I feel like at the beginning of 2009? All I can remember is that in March, I still didn't feel like 2009 sounded quite right. So far there's not a lot in my diary for this year. I wonder what events will fill its pages? One thing I know is that I'm going to turn 26 this year. 26. That's nearer to 30 than it is to 20. Gosh, I am now at an age where I have to do a calculation in my head to work out how old a person is when they were born in the 1990's. I don't know if someone's 18 or not as soon as they say the year of their birth! How did that happen? How can I have already been living in this city for 5 years? Oh my.

In conclusion, I still have no idea what this year will bring, and it feels very much like a blank canvas. But that's ok. Good, even. For now, I'm going to fill a little bit of my day with some this space and my creativity might just make an appearance.
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