Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Note to self

Something I learned last year on a training day we had at school is that I am a kinaesthetic learner. This means I learn & remember most when the teaching is visually interactive. Although I don't see days in particular colours, which apparently some people do, I do like a bit of visual stimulus to help me remember.

Thanks to my digital camera, I remember events more clearly because I remember the photos that I took related to that event. All the day long, I have pictures attached to my thoughts. I find this quite fun, and all the more enjoyable now that I have a lovely jubbely camera to help me record things.

Where am I going on this ramble? Well, the reason for this post is to serve the purpose of helping me remember next Christmas the ideas I had this Christmas, that I might be able to build and expand my ideas.

My favourite recipe of the season were these delicious white chocolate & cranberry cookies. You can find the recipe here. The cranberries are actually meant to be raspberries, but those scrumptious little beauties cost far too much money at this time of year, so I brought in the cranberry craisins to act as a substitute. Hmmm substitute doesn't seem to really do them justice because I think they work in perfect harmony with the sweetness of the white chocolate.

I'm off to bake some date & banana loaf.
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