Friday, January 22, 2010

back it up.

Well, that was a rather unexpected hiatus. I was quite pleased with the amount I had managed to blog so far this year, then all of a sudden I am struck down with a sickness that knocked me out for a few days, and stops me from blogging. I can't really completely blame the sickness for my blogging hiatus as it only lasted a few days, but it definitely threw me off kilter slightly.

But I am back.

While I've been away from blogland, aside from being sick, I have made a couple of spotty-dotty cushions (photos to come soon), been re-united with my bike after a mini-snow season, baked a few hundred cakes, and printed lots of photos in miniature

Just in case you were wondering if I was exaggerating about the few hundred cakes, I was not. Shortly after I wrote my last post and had the slightly mad idea of attempting to bake 2010 cakes in 2010, I received a phone call from a friend from church (who, might I add, is an utterly brilliant artist), asking me if I might like to bake about 600 cakes for a guest event our church was hosting. I was so very excited at this opportunity - I'd be nearly a quarter of the way to my target before the end of January!

I genuinely loved planning what I could bake, and carefully calculating the vast quantities of ingredients I would need. While it was a lot of fun, I have to admit that there was a slight element of madness in it all in that I baked half the cakes in our church kitchen which is quite literally empty, aside from an oven, some worktop space, about four unplugged fridges and some sinks. So that, alongside fitting the baking in with my two jobs, proved quite a challenge. Thankfully, I had some brilliant helpers who made the load a lot lighter. I think the end results are worthy of a post of their own...
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