Wednesday, January 27, 2010

baking in miniature

I've decided I'm liking the theme of miniature this year.

Baking in miniature
Photographs in miniature

I could see this theme continuing...

Anyhow, onto the cake rundown. From top to bottom:

1 :: mini meringues topped with white chocolate and crushed pistachio

2 :: blueberry & lemon mille-feuille (I love that this means a thousand leaves - I find there to be something quite inspiring about that)

3 :: bitesize brownies & vanilla cupcakes

4 :: black & white meringues

These were the miniature treats that I baked for last week's baking extravaganza to feed the guests who came to hear this man speak about the time when he died. An incredible story, seriously.

I cannot take full credit for all of the cakes. Like I said before, I had some wonderful helpers to make this happen. Thankyou Ben for your incredible meringue dipping, blueberry-placing skills, Dieks for your pastry cutting gift & Hannah for your immense patience with the ridiculously hard butter in a ridiculously cold kitchen, beating it to submission to make the cupcakes happen.

Photo credits: Ben Currer :: My camera twin who saved the day when I realised I had brought out my camera without it's memory card. Thanks a million, Ben.
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Ben said...

Taking pictures of beautifully prepared baked goods ... The pleaseure was all mine!