Friday, January 29, 2010


ps :: procrastination and snow

I came home this afternoon and sat at my desk with all of my good intentions from the last few months culminating to this point. I needed to make up a couple of cd's and covers for the kids work at church and have been putting it off for far too long.

Now was the time.

The only problem? My window. It's not often that I sit down at my desk, and today I was taken by how many things there were right before my eyes that I wanted to savour.

First, this: My bracelet hanging on it's stand and the light that shone through it.
Light. I haven't seen nearly enough of this lately. Any glimpse of sunshine brightens my day.

And then it got so much better. The sun came out in all its glory. When the sky is this shade of blue, I cannot ignore it. Good thing my camera lives just beside my desk so I didn't actually have to leave my seat to get it, so technically, I was not leaving my work.

Then this: Light dancing on the wall just behind my computer screen. Another beautiful distraction. (Can you tell I love light?) The patterns were made by a sequined headband that I have owned for years but never worn. I'm glad I haven't got rid of it. If the only use it ever has is to create these patterns on my wall, I will be very pleased I bought it.

So, after nearly an hour of enjoying the sight of blue skies, I couldn't quite believe it when I looked up from my laptop to see flurries of snow. Snow! I do not understand the weather we have here. It is so brilliantly unpredictable.

Once the snow decided it had made enough of an appearance, the sun came back to say goodbye at dusk: How could I give up this photo opportunity for the sake of a few cd's? I couldn't.

Believe it or not, I got all the work done that I needed to. Procrastination justified.
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PelleasAnthor said...

Brilliant photos - you are so talented!

Ben said...

first and last pictures are amazing

Bluebelle said...

I love those snapshots of little moments of joy in your day, it's just what I was thinking about the other day.