Friday, February 26, 2010

where the light falls

I am enamoured by light in its many forms.

When the moments that make up the days of Winter are dominated by darkness, I hunger for the light.

Today the light has teased me, delighted me, surprised me.

Earlier I found myself chasing the light dancing through the windows around the house, watching the shadows form and fade as the sun played with the clouds, flitting in and out, in and out.

There is a battle going on with the weather. Out of one of my windows, I can see beautiful blue skies. The other is covered in raindrops racing each other down the window pane.

The pitter patter of rain & howling of the wind is the music in my ears this afternoon.

And just like that, in the seconds it took to write those last words, the rain stops, the wind calms, the sun greets me a warm hello again.

photo credit:: Gerald King
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Bluebelle said...

I have been appreciating the light today too, especially at about 5 o'clock when I went out for a walk and the sun was low and really yellow. All you could see along the street were silohettes and shadows, so lovely!