Monday, March 01, 2010

in miniature

So it seems that all things miniature has become even more of a theme this year than I had anticipated.

Last weekend, as we browsed around the charity shops in Clifton, I spotted a beautiful set of tiny tea cups with a matching tray, for just £3.

The thing is, with being a lodger, I don't really have space to fill a home with beautiful things, but the desire to do so is still there and I'm not very good at fighting it.

I tried telling myself I didn't really need these tiny cups, but that didn't help.

So I sheepishly went over to John to show him my find, knowing exactly what his response would be:

'You know exactly what will happen if you buy those - they'll end up in my garage with the rest of your stuff.'

Well, not so....They're under my bed. But just for now. Someday they'll have a home.

But they came out to play with their newfound friends - my miniature mandarins. I have honestly never seen mandarins come in such a tiny package. You need to eat about 6 to make up 1 of your 5 a day.

So, lovely little tea cups, I might not drink tea, but you can look forward to spending a lifetime of fun with all sorts of treats. There's flowers to be held, chocolate to be made, mini m&m's to make an edible rainbow inside, and so many other possibilities.
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Ben said...

"Someday they'll have a home." ... In a certain garage? ~ kidding, loving the creative ideas though!

Bluebelle said...

I think they're pretty - and oh so sweet with those tiny mandarins!