Thursday, March 04, 2010

out of the mouths of babes...

There is a blonde haired blue eyed beauty at Nursery who I knew from the moment I met her on her home visit that brilliance would spring forth from her lips.

She has not failed to delight, inspire and amaze me over the last six months.

I am not the only one whose attention has been captured by this self-proclaimed princess. A new boy has arrived at Nursery and the two have fallen in love.

A couple of weeks ago, on the last day of term, the blue eyed beauty's mother said to her,

'Are you going to miss Joe?'

To which she replied:

'I will, but I will carry him in my heart.'

Where do 4 year olds learn how to speak like this?!

On Wednesday, I saw Miss Princess walking around with a picture in her hand. I asked her about it, as it was unusual for it not to have made its way to the picture box. She informed me in a most nonchalent manner,

'It's a love token for Joe.'

A love token?! I asked her what a love token was and she said,

'It's a love token for Joe - he made me a picture so now I'm making him one. I want to write his name on it but I'm not sure how to.'

So there we go. There's a whole lotta love in the Nursery. Oh, I forgot to mention, there has been much talk of marriage between Miss Princess and Joe. I thought they might forget about it after the holidays but they have not. The kissing of other boys might need to stop in order for a healthy relationship to develop though...

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