Friday, April 16, 2010

brightening today

As well as the beautiful sunshine, I have these beauties bringing light to my day.

I've been sat at my desk filling in numerous forms required for my teacher training course.

Although it would be wonderful to be outdoors enjoying the warmth of the sun (I have a cold nose because the sun doesn't reach my room until late afternoon) there is something quite satisfying about filling in all of the little details on the forms, crossing my t's and dotting the i's and signing my name numerous times.

It's been exciting to think that in less than 5 months, all of my details will be different.

Apart from my date of birth, on paper, I will be a different person with a different address.

I'll be saying goodbye to the signature that I have had for the last decade or more and bidding 'hello' to my new signature, the one that will say that I am a 'King'.
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PelleasAnthor said...

Lovely solarisation effect on the flowers.