Friday, April 23, 2010

full circle

This is the glorious sun that has greeted me every morning this week on my way to work.

I love that every year, the beautiful heat of the sun feels the same. Welcoming me to Spring with its warmth on my skin, there really is nothing like it.

At lunchtime, the sun beckons me outside to come sit awhile in its warmth.

Yesterday I did just that in a favourite spot of mine on the Downs. As I found my favourite tree stump to sit on, I remembered vividly the times I spent on the Downs last year at this time.

John and I had just met and I came and sat on this tree stump a lot, either thinking nervously about the time I was about to spend with this amazing man who I really knew very little about, but was very excited about knowing more, or calling my friends, filling them in on my latest thoughts & fears about John and what might possibly be happening. That love might just be about to start growing.

I am so very happy to be able to say that love did indeed grow and I am so excited that I get to marry this man who unknowingly caused me to lose hours of sleep and thinking time because of the profound effect he was having upon me.
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