Friday, May 21, 2010

alium. we'll call her ali for short.

Well, dear friends, it is officially hot.

I have been relishing the rays today. People are already glowing with the warmth that has finally come our way. Hooray.

In other exciting news, my new baby has arrived.

A beautiful new lens for my camera that is not smashed, and works perfectly.

Weighing in at 50mm, and boasting a beautiful f number of 1.8, she is perfect. I actually jumped up and down when I saw the parcel waiting for me.

I am very happy that I can now get almost as close to my subjects as I would like, rather than needing to stand the other side of the room and having to take umpteen shots before I get one that remotely resembles the settings that I have asked the camera to shoot at. Such is the fun of my quirky, water damaged lens.

I'm looking forward to the fun shooting times that lie ahead with my new baby. I think she's going to teach me a lot about perspective, which is never a bad lesson to learn.
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Ben said...

Depth of field is as thin as a knife edge at f1.8 - I look forward to many bright and hazy edged arty looking photos :D